About Us


“Because we won’t let stress slow us down.”

Ask Jeff Stein, Edgar Veytia, and Mark Ross “why C3*?” and the answer is simple: They needed it themselves. And as professionals with backgrounds in natural health, a deep network of medical professionals, and a diverse set of business interests, they knew exactly where to start.

In 1996, Jeff and Edgar launched Elixir, a store and product line dedicated to bringing all-natural functional beverages to the world. They were among the first to blaze that trail, and word spread fast. With buzz from Self and Vogue to the Food Network, MSNBC and 20/20, soon health-seeking travelers, celebrities, and locals were stopping by Elixir on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles or buying the drinks at top spas and wellness centers across the country.

Their breakthrough? Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas with contemporary flavors to make drinks that were functionally effective, delicious and accessible. Some of the magic is captured in Elixir’s Tonics & Teas (Clarkson Potter 2001), co-authored by Jeff and Edgar.

And then came C3*

For C3*, they drew on their years of formulating for demanding clients and the advice of close advisors in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Edgar explained, “We didn’t want a stress formula that would make us feel ‘altered’ — either revved up or chilled out. We wanted that streamlined feeling you get when everything’s flowing at the right speed in the right direction.”

They told friends and colleagues what they were developing and realized that they’d struck a chord. Jeff remembers, “Everyone wanted to try it. We realized that a lot of us accept stress as a fact of life. We tell ourselves we have to put up with it until the end of the day when we can kick back and slow down. But stress can hit you any time of day and anywhere, usually right when you can’t afford to slow down. Why settle for stress at those times? That’s the motivation for C3*.”

C3* was five years in testing, refining, trying, refining and testing again, to come to what the team regards as the perfect blend of efficacy, convenience, and flavor. Mark Ross joined the team to help bring C3* to market. “When I heard what Jeff and Edgar were doing, it made so much sense. We want people to see how well it can fit into their life at work and home, so the convenience and price is important. We want people to see that it really works and how it works for them — no hype. That’s also why we’re launching C3* with a free Work Week Starter Kit, our 5-pack offering. Try it before you buy it and decide for yourself.”

Jeff summed it up: “We really believe in our tagline: ‘Calm, cool, connected.’ That’s exactly how I feel when I’m at my best. Who can argue with that?”

For information contact:  info@c3forstress.com