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  • “Scientific research continues to show that stress and the mind-body connection play a major role in chronic illness. Stress depletes the critical nutrients that the body depends on to fight illness and function healthier. C3* for Stress not only helps to replenish these nutrients, but contains natural herbal ingredients shown to combat stress, all without sedation or addiction. This allows you to be more focused, productive, and able to live a happier, more balanced life.”

    Dr. Hyla Cass, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and a frequent media contributor

  • “It’s more widely recognized and understood that incorporating the technology of Western medicine with the traditions of Eastern medicine is the true equation for optimum health and wellness, including stress management. Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, like the ones found in C3*, can work in concert with vitamins and minerals to rebalance and restore one’s mind, body & sprit.”

    Dr. Daoshing Ni, founder of founder of the Tao of Wellness Center and Yo San University

  • “One of the main problems physicians like myself see in our practices are patients suffering from health problems that are a direct result of stress. From headaches, to gastrointestinal distress, to high blood pressure, these symptoms are often a byproduct of being overwhelmed, overloaded, and overworked. Physicians cannot eliminate a patient’s stress, but we can provide simple, effective methods for managing it. C3* is a safe, all-natural, and convenient solution to help people cope with stress and lead a more balanced and healthful life.”

    Dr. Sam Maywood, leading pain management physician

  • “I was having one of those days that just wouldn’t end. I had just returned from a long meeting and was about to begin another. I was tired and just couldn’t focus. A friend had sent me some C3*, which was sitting on my desk. I didn’t know what to make of it but figured it couldn’t hurt so I gave it a try. I have to admit, I was really surprised. I felt alert but calm and ready to take on the rest of the day. I was a skeptic, but C3* did the trick!”

    Perri P., 49, broadcast journalist & documentary filmmaker

  • “I drank C3* yesterday morning. As a drink, it is incredibly delicious, light and refreshing…! I actually would drink it just for its flavor…and I love the light fizz. It did give me a sensation of something…calmness. I could feel it almost immediately, within a few minutes…and it lasted for about two hours. It felt very nice, kind of a soft cozy lift! I am usually pretty cynical about feeling the effects of products claiming to be all-natural, so I am impressed.”

    Alexandra K., 50s, entrepreneur

  • “I have long days teaching tennis. C3* stops my need for an after-lunch cup of coffee. The effect is almost immediate. It’s not a buzz but more of an “awareness.” It definitely gets me through.”

    Buster M., 45, tennis pro

  • “I played in a golf tournament yesterday. I took one packet and I gave another to the woman I was paired with, the club champion. I definitely noticed a reaction…I felt peaceful and relaxed. I never feel this way before teeing it up in a tourney. The club champ gave me the same feedback. I need more and I plan to use some before my big meeting with a future client.”

    Janet T., 58, advertising executive

  • “I must say that you have hooked me on C3*…headed to yoga so that I can be calm, cool, and connected.”

    K.S., 50s, fitness entrepreneur

  • “I couldn’t sleep at all. I decided to try C3*. I drank the mixture and got an amazing night’s sleep…nine long, deep hours! Best of all, I felt totally refreshed when I woke up. Since then, I have used it with great results…with C3, I am confidant I can “rest assured.”

    Ann V., 60, baker/entrepreneur

  • “C3* is great…I liked the subtleness and I tested it when my stress was going out of control.”

    Kathleen S., 50s, film producer

  • “I never think about stress but I’m well aware that it affects my ability to sleep soundly. I took C3 one night before going to bed and forgot about it. It wasn’t until the next morning when I was up and energetic, talking about how great I slept the night before that I put two and two together. I’ve used C3 again a few more times since then and gotten the same results! I’m now heading back home with a 15-pack in my backpack. I wouldn’t entrust it to my check-on luggage! I need my C3 close at hand.”

    Dan V., 20, student

  • “Between kid schedules and a writing deadline I was feeling the crunch when I decided to try a C3 that a friend gave me. The effects were pretty immediate and I felt calmer and more focused. The problem I had however was that the taste was a little bitter and off-putting. However since the effect was so good, I decided to try it again, this time with a splash of cranberry juice and the result was that it really made the difference and became much more palatable.”

    Ann O., 30s, writer/mom

  • “I’m an entertainment industry talent manager, A type all the way. I live on stress and actually like my stress. I think I work better, faster, smarter. I tried a C3 as a favor to a friend. I couldn’t believe that I actually loved it. In fact I didn’t lose my edge at all but found myself to be more focused and in control. I wound up buying it and giving it to all my staff.”

    B. Levine, 41, talent manager

  • “I got my package of C3 and I LUV it. I feel nice and CALM. I even slept BETTER LAST NIGHT!! Your C3 is AWESOME!! And it REALLY WORKS…Thanks so much for all your help”

    Marilee K., Wife and Mother

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